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Easter Tree with Spring Flower Fairies - fun crafts, easy to make

Easter Tree with Spring Flower Fairies

Easter trees come in all forms and sizes, and are only limited by your imagination.

Whether you choose branches from pussywillows, flowering cherry and apple trees, or purchase an artifical tree, the rest is up to you.  Ribbons, pine cones, beads, jewellery, felt craft, eggs, rabbits - all make terrific decorations.

So have fun with your Easter Tree! 

Spring Fairies:

Materials You Will Need:
   -  Colorful pieces of felt
   -  Pink knitted fabric (cotton preferred)
   -  Unspun wool or cotton balls
   -  Carded fleece in various colors
   -  2 unvarnished wooden beads, 1/4" diameter
   -  Pipe cleaner
   -  piece of thin cardboard
   -  Glue

  1. To make the head: Take a piece of the pink fabric, approx 3" x 3".  Make a  little ball of unspun wool (or use a cotton ball or two) and lay it in the middle of the cotton.  Wrap the cloth around the ball and tie it around the neck.
  2. Now make the gown.  Choose soft colours to match the blossoms: white, pink, pale yellow and pale green.
  3. Fold the piece of felt in half and cut out the gown pattern.  Open the gown and cut the opening for the neck.
  4. Push the head through the opening in the gown.  Sew up the back seam of the neck opening and secure the neck firmly to the gown.
  5. To make the arms, take 3 1/4" (or whatever size fits your fairy's dress) of pipe-cleaner and insert it into the open sleeves of the gown.  Now sew up the sleeves to secure the pipe-cleaner, which should stick out a bit from the sleeves.  Apply a little glue to the ends of the pipe-cleaner and attach the beads.  As soon as the glue is dry, any surplus pipe-cleaner can be cut off.
  6. Tease out a little bit of carded fleece or unspun wool and sew it firmly onto the head together with a felt hair-band.  Sew some thread to the top of the head in order to hang up your Spring Fairy.  Be sure not to use too short a string, as it can always be shortened later.

This lovely craft is from the book Feltcraft: Making Dolls, Gifts and Toys

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