Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Easter Dinner: fun, festive crafts

Delight family and friends with this festive Easter setting.

Here's a lovely Easter dinner setting that even the children can help to create.  The crafts are all easily made from simple materials with the instructions that follow.


Scented Easter Napkins:

An elegant touch when made with lightweight organza.

-  Lay the napkin out flat on the table.

-  Pinch the center of the fabric and pick up the napkin. Shake it a bit, so that the corners fall downward.

-  Keeping hold of the center, turn it over and insert the napkin into the water or wine glass.

-  Arrange the corners so that they resemble a blossom.

Candles In The Sand:

Add a spring-like atmosphere to your table setting with these simple candles set in colored sand.  You will need:

  • small glass bowls
  • colored sand - often available at craft stores
  • white candles (or the colors of your choice)

Attach the candle into the center of the bowl first by dripping in some hot wax and then holding the candle onto the wax until it sticks.  Fill the bowls with colored sand.

Quick. Easy.  You're done!

Flower Menu:
Celebrate spring with these unique menus.  You will need:

-  Colored construction paper
-  Scissors
-  Markers
-  Glue

Cut petal shapes out of the colored construction paper.  Write your menu components on the different petals.  Arrange into a circle and glue into place behind the flower center.

Sweet Treats:

Surprise your guests with their own selection of Easter treats.  For this craft you will need:

  • cellophane bags
  • assorted candies, nuts, truffles, etc
  • ribbon
  • colored paper or gift tags

Fill the cellophane bags with the Easter treats.  Don't forget to take medical diets into consideration!  Make a gift tag, and attach it with the colored ribbon.

A simple gift that is sure to please!

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