Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Elegant Easter Wreaths - beautiful crafts for spring

Daffodil Easter Wreath

Daffodil Wreath:

A bright and cheerful wreath for indoors or out, this daffodil wreath is easy to create in a short period of time.

An oblong base of grape vine creates a simple background for the spring bouquet of silk flowers.  Single daffodil stems were first wired to the base, with stems of lantana blooms and foliage wired in next.

Since the materials in this wreath do well outdoors, the daffodil wreath makes an ideal decoration for the porch or front door.

Easter Bunny Wreath:

The natural vibrancy of blooming forsythia trees inspired the designer of this Easter wreath.

Two small bunches of forsythia branches were first inserted into one side of a straw base (about 8", or 20 cm apart), curved in a circle, and inserted into the other side of the base.  (Tip:  if needed, a thin gauge of wire can be used to help keep the circular shape.)

The wreath base is then decorated with a bunny rabbit, plastic Easter eggs and candy, fresh daffodils, and lace ribbon, all attached with hot glue.

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