Canadian Artisans


Crawford Bay:

Barefoot Handweaving
One-of-a-kind, natural, hand-woven fabrics designed with contemporary colours.
Breathless Glass & Blown Away Glass
Exquisite hand-blown glass
Fireworks Copper & Glass
Singular glass "paintings" fusing glass powders onto pure copper sheets.

Kootenay Forge
The leading producer of hand-forged home accessories in Canada.
North Woven Broom Company
Hand-crafted, unusual brooms made using antique equipment. They're so unique that these brooms have been used in movies and for Canadian Harry Potter book promotions.



Forks Prairie Orchard
Delicious fruits and berries in a most picturesque setting.

Jazzy Socks
Warm, comfortable, adult wool socks.  Ideal for hiking, work, bed socks, and for medical conditions such as diabetes.

Sagebrush Studios & Art Galleries
One-of-a-kind experience.  Located in 3 carefully restored historic church settings, amid extensive gardens, the galleries feature the works of Artists Dean Francis and Fran Francis

High quality wool and wool-blend sock yarn is now available in southern Alberta. Imported from Europe.Will ship throughout North America.



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