• Easter tree with spring flower fairies - Whether you choose branches from pussy willows, flowering cherry and apple trees, or purchase an artifical tree, Easter trees are fun to make and decorate. Free flower fairy pattern link on page.
  • Elegant Easter Wreaths:  beautiful crafts for spring.  Bright and cheerful wreaths, for indoors or out. Can be made with either natural or artificial items.
  • Easter Dinner Decorations to make:  includes candles in the sand,  flower menu, fancy napkins, and sweet treats for your guests.



  • How to knit socks: instructions to help you knit wonderful wool socks for your entire family.

  • Self-patterning & Tweed sock yarn:  now available in Canada.  Will ship throughout North America.  Wonderful European lines such as Austermann, Fortissima Best of Mexico, Supersocke & more.

Canadian Gifts

Canadian  Gifts:
  • Hand-knit wool baby socks: made in the finest European tradition, these baby socks are hand-knit with love for your little one. Made in Canada.
  • Jazzy Socks!  Fun, colorful adult socks that fit comfortably and don't bind.  Ideal for hiking, work, as bed socks, and for medical conditions such as diabetes.