Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Craft - Willow Candle Basket

To me, candles are a highlight of the Christmas season. Their warmth and gentle glow have cheered me through many a frosty night when we were living "up North" and the temperature hovered around the -40 degree mark. The air got so cold at times that it used to crackle when you breathed. But to this day there is nothing more beautiful to me than a full winter moon casting midnight diamonds on endless fields of glistening snow.

Supplies needed: glass globe candle holder, tea light, glue gun, cardboard, willow branches, holly, moss, and other wild decorations, ribbon.

1. Cut a square of cardboard that will become the base of your willow candle basket. Make sure it is large enough for the candle holder to fit inside once the willow sides are up.

2. Using a glue gun, build up the sides of the basket.

3. If your willow is soft and pliable, add side decorations and a handle.

4. Decorate with moss, holly and ribbon. Insert globe candle holder inside.

Caution: if you are putting a handle on your basket, please make sure it is high enough above the candle so that the heat doesn't catch it or any decorations hanging from it on fire.

1 comment:

  1. Looks absolutely beautiful Sara! What a great thing to make! Fits just perfectly with the season coming.

    Nicole xx