Saturday, September 11, 2010

How To Harvest Tomato Seeds

I have been an avid seed-collector all my life, and it's quite normal at this time of year to find my cupboards starting to fill with enevelopes full of seeds. Nasturtium, marigolds, cosmos, some tender green beans, and my newest addition - Pearly Pink Cherry Tomatoes.

This is an amazing, medium-sized cherry tomato that I found in the heritage seed list from Saltspring Seeds.

Cherry Tomatoes

So here I was in my kitchen, happy because of the bumper crop of little tomatoes that I had just gathered, and all set to harvest some of the seeds when a friend told me that I wasn't supposed to just dry them. They needed to be fermented first.


Now this I had to check out. So I went straight to Saltspring Seeds - and was amazed that my friend was right. They do need to be fermented.

I read the instructions, but being a more visual person, I just wasn't sure about the process.

So for others like me who need to KNOW what they are doing, I've written out the instructions for Harvesting Tomato Seeds as well as posted a most helpful video.

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