Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn Joy

In the midst of the rush to clean up the garden before the winter snow flies, I sometimes forget the sheer joy Autumn brings.  Fresh, crisp air.  The glorious colors of the leaves.  Fall flowers in their last bloom.  And squirrels scurrying madly from tree to tree (much to my dog's delight) grabbing up the last of the acorns.

I was reminded of the joy of Autumn this past weekend when my garden was invaded by "Leaf Creatures".  So helpful they were - gathering all the leaves into bins and piles.


And then the fun began.  The men had gone into the front, and I had only turned my back for a moment when we heard the gleeful shrieks.

That giant pile of leaves was just too tempting to resist.

WHEEEE!!!  See me fly!

I'm trying to go backward.

That face-plant turned out well.  Whew!


Then the sun started to set and the weather turned cool.  The "Leaf Creatures" went back into their hide-away, and the flowerbeds got a good layer of mulch for the winter.

If you would like to read more about how to mulch your garden, as well as composting tips and tricks, there are some great articles on the Canadian Country Woman site.


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